Get Britain Out

Get Britain Out is an independent grassroots campaign to Get Britain Out of the European Union. The Great British Public want and need to be back in charge of our Britain.

We will expose the wide implications of EU membership and what it costs every one of us.

We want to be back in charge of making our own laws, rules and regulations.

We will support a rational and sensible trade relationship with the EU – as well as the rest of the world.

We will expose the scare-mongering stories the Eurocrats feed to the British press in the hope of gaining the support of the less well-informed.

Recent News & Views

EU Regulations Pick Pensioners’ Pockets

Sep 01

A regulation, due to come into force in 2016, is forcing pension providers to keep a lump sum of money in reserve. Because of this, pensioners who have retired since 2012 have contributed towards a sum they take far longer to receive back. Meanwhile, pensioners in America unfettered by such red-tape, receive £1,000 more than the British pensioner. If this revelation… Read More

Immigration Reform Impossible In EU

Photo by UK Home Office
Aug 29

New figures from the Office for National Statistics have officially confirmed what we knew would happen. The influx of Eastern Europeans has pushed net migration (the difference between the total immigration and total emigration) up, making a mockery of the Prime Minister’s promise to cut net migration. Instead, the year ending in March saw net migration balloon to 243,000. Between… Read More

Unhealthy EU Immigration Damages NHS

Aug 27

Concerns are often voiced about the strain unrestricted immigration from the European Union has placed on our public services, above all our cherished National Health Service. Whenever they are, there is always a Europhile arguing large-scale immigration is the only thing keeping the NHS open, with an increasing number of our medical staff coming from the EU. It is certainly true the… Read More

The EU is a Paper Tiger

Photo by Hansueli Krapf
Aug 22

The European Union might have won a Nobel Prize for Peace, but when it comes to international negotiations, they won’t be getting many prizes for it any time soon. After the Swiss won a referendum to cap the number of EU workers entering their country, Brussels had a tantrum and cancelled negotiations over many areas of EU-Swiss cooperation. But much like their misguided attempts… Read More

Renegotiation Pointless Without Curb on Immigration

Photo by UK Home Office
Aug 19

There are a multitude of problems with our relationship with the European Union, but none of these drawbacks stir the Great British Public’s anger as much as the free movement of people. A recent survey by Lord Ashcroft’s survey on public attitude to the EU - ‘Europe on Trial’ - shows 48% of people listed immigration as the major disadvantage of EU membership. However “Cast-Iron Dave” has… Read More

Killing the “3 Million Jobs” Whopper for Good

JobCentre PlusPhoto by Lydia
Aug 15

We’ve heard it a hundred times or more. The myth our exit from the EU will cost Britain 3 million jobs is repeated over and over again. The claim’s supporters range from deceitful Europhile politicians such as Nick Clegg to the ordinary members of the Great British Public they succeed in duping. At long last, however, the Treasury has spoken… Read More