Get Britain Out

We are an independent, non-party, grassroots campaign against the European Union. We want to get out of the EU as soon as possible, so we can take back control of our country from the unaccountable elites of Brussels.

The United Kingdom can’t afford to become isolated in an inward-looking EU, a shrinking part of the world economy. Today’s opportunities lie beyond Europe. Of course we still support trade and cooperation with our European neighbours, but our laws need be made by our own government and MPs.

Get Britain Out works to expose the everyday burden and cost of EU membership, and tell people about the better future our country can look forward to after we’re out of the EU.

Please take a few minutes to find out more about us and, if you agree, please sign up to register your support.

Recent News & Views

EU Will Force British Taxpayers to Fund Far-Right European Political Parties

Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen
Apr 17

If it isn’t bad enough that British taxpayers have to fund useless and wasteful bureaucratic projects set up by the EU, they now have to fund despicable far-right parties! This may come as a shock to many and so it should. An article in The Telegraph revealed far-right nationalist parties across Europe will receive £300,000 in essentially forced donations from British taxpayers. It is abhorrent for… Read More

Ambulances for Weary MEPs

Photo by Graham Richardson on Flickr
Apr 16

Brussels, in its latest Monty Python-esque stunt, wants ambulances to be available for stressed out MEPs. Outside the EU headquarters will be a full functional, £200,000 ambulance – which will be funded by, you guessed it, the taxpayers! Not only are Brits disconnected and remote from MEPs (a point which even Nick Clegg recently admitted) but now we have to… Read More

Immigration Figures Cannot be Trusted

Apr 15

Uncontrolled mass immigration remains a growing problem in Britain. A recent article in the Daily Mail reveals that the current rates of migration are much worse than we previously thought, due to the government’s shoddy data gathering. 350,000 immigrants weren’t counted because there was a lack of inspectors at Britain’s smaller airports! This is a complete joke. Not only does… Read More

Winner of IEA Brexit Prize Bolsters Eurosceptic Position

Apr 09

Last night the Institute of Economic Affairs announced Iain Mansfield as the winner of the prestigious IEA Brexit Prize. The Rt. Hon Lord Lawson awarded Iain the €100,000 prize for his winning entry, which outlines a blueprint for Britain after the EU.  Iain is Director of Trade and Investment at the UK’s embassy in the Philippines and has previously worked for… Read More

EU bank charge cap is bad news

Photo by Republica
Apr 08

The European Parliament has just decided to cap the amount banks charge retailers when customers pay using a credit or debit card. Now you may be thinking, “Sounds great! Banks make far too much money as it is – this law will help curb their greed and save customers their hard-earned money.” However, this is a mistaken assumption as the… Read More

EU Hinders Free Trade

Photo by openDemocracy on Flickr
Mar 31

A common perception holds sway over the public: being an EU member yields great clout for Britain. However, it is a false myth peddled by the pro-EU camp to paint Eurosceptics as irrational and isolationist. Contrary to Nick Cleg’s claim we must stay in the EU “for the sake of our clout in the world”, non-EU countries like Switzerland outperform… Read More