We are an independent, non-party, grassroots campaign to Get Britain Out of the European Union. We want to take back control of our country from the unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. We want Great Britain to be a sovereign country once again.



Restore National Sovereignty – The EU currently decides 75% of laws affecting Britain

That’s the figure from the EU Commission itself, a group of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who have sole arbitrary power to propose the vast majority of laws that affect Britain.

Since records began in 1996, the UK has not managed to prevent a single proposal placed in front of the Council of Ministers from becoming European law. So much for British sovereignty.


Fairer Immigration – The EU opens British borders to 450 million Europeans

We have no control over the number of people who come into Britain. They are all entitled to British taxpayer funded benefit payments, healthcare and education.

And while the Prime Minister has pledged to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands, he has no power over migration from Europe while Britain remains an EU member state.


Excessive contributions – The EU costs Britain £55 million per day

And that’s just the membership fee. The cost of EU red tape to British business is £120 billion per year.

As an independent nation, Britain would be free to sign lucrative trade deals with Commonwealth countries and reclaim our seat on the World Trade Organisation.