Get Britain Out

Get Britain Out is an independent grassroots campaign to Get Britain Out of the European Union. The Great British Public want and need to be back in charge of our Britain.

We will expose the wide implications of EU membership and what it costs every one of us.

We want to be back in charge of making our own laws, rules and regulations.

We will support a rational and sensible trade relationship with the EU – as well as the rest of the world.

We will expose the scare-mongering stories the Eurocrats feed to the British press in the hope of gaining the support of the less well-informed.

Recent News & Views

Renegotiation Pointless Without Curb on Immigration

Photo by UK Home Office
Aug 19

There are a multitude of problems with our relationship with the European Union, but none of these drawbacks stir the Great British Public’s anger as much as the free movement of people. A recent survey by Lord Ashcroft’s survey on public attitude to the EU - ‘Europe on Trial’ - shows 48% of people listed immigration as the major disadvantage of EU membership. However “Cast-Iron Dave” has… Read More

Killing the “3 Million Jobs” Whopper for Good

JobCentre PlusPhoto by Lydia
Aug 15

We’ve heard it a hundred times or more. The myth our exit from the EU will cost Britain 3 million jobs is repeated over and over again. The claim’s supporters range from deceitful Europhile politicians such as Nick Clegg to the ordinary members of the Great British Public they succeed in duping. At long last, however, the Treasury has spoken… Read More

British Business Advocates Withdrawal from the EU

The Gherkin
Aug 08

In the Daily Mail this week Dr Nigel West was revealed as the first boss of a FSTE 100 company, Legal & General, to advocate withdrawal from the European Union if Prime Minister David Cameron cannot negotiate acceptable reforms. It seems big British businesses are finally recognising we have nothing to fear and much to gain from a withdrawal from… Read More

Reform is NOT possible, Boris!

Boris Johnson
Aug 06

Today the Mayor of London Boris Johnson has declared Britain has nothing to fear but fear itself when it comes to withdrawing from the failed EU project. All true Eurosceptics will welcome these comments. After all, a senior mainstream political figure speaking out about the benefits of withdrawal is long overdue! However, the Mayor’s decision to temper his statement by… Read More

The Swiss show the way

Aug 01

Happy National Swiss Day! Today the Swiss celebrate over 700 years of political independence from the European despots. But as one of the most successful countries in Europe they have a great deal more to celebrate by avoiding membership of the European Union. As one of the few countries which have successfully resisted the political European project, Switzerland has the best of both worlds with their… Read More

Cameron’s Smoke and Mirrors Game

Jul 29

Yet again David Cameron is taking the public for fools, finally announcing a ‘plan’ to tackle Britain’s immigration problem when he knows he is in deep trouble in the polls. He wants EU migrants to wait three months before claiming job-seekers allowance and child support, which will then only be available for three months instead of six. He also wants to curtail recruitment agencies advertising… Read More