Get Britain Out

Get Britain Out is an independent grassroots campaign to Get Britain Out of the European Union. The Great British Public want and need to be back in charge of our Britain.
We will expose the wide implications of EU membership and what it costs every one of us.
We want to be back in charge of making our own laws, rules and regulations.
We will support a rational and sensible trade relationship with the EU – as well as the rest of the world.
We will expose the scare-mongering stories the Eurocrats feed to the British press in the hope of gaining the support of the less well-informed.

Recent News & Views

Cameron’s Worthless 11th Hour EU “Reform” Con

Photograph: @Number10gov/PA
Dec 20

David Cameron has already bitten off more than he can chew by suggesting he can reform in 2½ years what successive British Prime Ministers have failed to reform for 40 years – our membership of the European Union. Now, unbelievably, it has emerged his strategy is to attempt to achieve his reforms in the few short months between the French and German… Read More

Visa Blow to our Borders

Photo by UK Home Office
Dec 19

Get Britain has been quoted on page 5 of today’s Daily Express. The story covers a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) which is a fresh blow to our borders controls, allowing millions more to flock to Britain. It used to be the case non-EU relatives of EU citizens needed visas before they can come to Britain,… Read More

Letting Turkey Into The EU Would Be A Disaster

Dec 12

So much for the Prime Minister demonstrating he is serious about reforming the EU! David Cameron has announced it is still his ‘long-standing goal’ to bring Turkey into the European Union – despite the complete disaster this would be for Britain and many other EU Member States. Turkey is not politically, economically or culturally prepared to join the EU, yet… Read More

More Outrageous EU Demands

Photo in WikiCommons
Dec 12

“Recently the Office of Budget Responsibility announced Britain will have to pay £100 million (€126 million) a year more on our European Union membership fee over the next 5 years. Almost on cue, a deal has now been struck to increase next year’s EU budget by £3.8 billion (€4.8 billion), which now stands at £112 billion (€141.2 billion). We can safely say David Cameron’s often repeated boast he has been successful in cutting the EU… Read More

Britain Is Strong Enough To Thrive Outside EU

The Gherkin
Dec 08

Compare and contrast the economies of Britain and the Eurozone. The former is the fastest growing economy in the G7 and on track to be in a spending surplus by 2019. The latter is crippled by a “one-size-fits-all” approach to economics and on the brink of yet another crisis. Is anyone still in doubt about how much better off Britain would be out of the EU?… Read More

EU Migrants Make up Just Four Percent of the NHS Workforce

Dec 08

In the debate surrounding immigration, we are often told the only thing keeping our health care system intact is the high number of EU migrants working within our National Health Service. However, recent research by Get Britain Out has revealed this wrong and this is just another attempt to peddle the myth Britain needs the European Union. A Freedom of… Read More