Get Britain Out

Get Britain Out is an independent grassroots campaign to Get Britain Out of the European Union. The Great British Public want and need to be back in charge of our Britain.
We will expose the wide implications of EU membership and what it costs every one of us.
We want to be back in charge of making our own laws, rules and regulations.
We will support a rational and sensible trade relationship with the EU – as well as the rest of the world.
We will expose the scare-mongering stories the Eurocrats feed to the British press in the hope of gaining the support of the less well-informed.

Recent News & Views

Caps on EU Migrants are Illegal

Photo by European People's Party
Oct 20

David Cameron and his Australian spin-doctor, Lynton Crosby, are taking the gloves off to woo back voters concerned about immigration who are seduced by Nigel Farage and UKIP. This is the only explanation for all the noise being made about imposing quotas on EU migrants and capping the volume of National Insurance numbers given to fresh EU newcomers. This tactic will… Read More

Juncker and Cameron: Two Peas in a Pod?

Oct 20

Following the European elections in May, David Cameron led a campaign to block Jean-Claude Juncker, the President-select of the European Commission from assuming office. As with most British initiatives in the European Union, the Prime Minister failed spectacularly. But in a surprising volte-face, Cameron is now telling his Conservative MEPs to endorse Juncker and his Commission team when it comes to a… Read More

Boris Johnson Agrees We Must Secure Borders, or Leave the EU

Boris Johnson
Oct 14

You know there is a leadership brawl brewing in the Tory party when Boris Johnson, the metropolitan Mayor of London, comes out blasting migration and urging the need to secure our borders. As far as Boris Johnson is concerned, he said regaining control of our borders should be the number one priority for renegotiation. When asked if David Cameron cannot secure this… Read More

An Uphill Struggle For Britain’s New EU Commissioner

Photo by Rex
Oct 10

For David Cameron, it just wasn’t meant to be like this. The Prime Minister hand selected an obscure bureaucrat named Lord Hill of Oareford as his nominee for Britain’s European Commissioner. He watched as Hill was handed the job of overseeing financial services and the internal market – areas of regulation which are so vital to Britain. But it all began to… Read More

Tory Human Rights Plan Doomed To Fail

Photo by Sebastian Bertrand
Oct 08

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is selling the Great British Public down the river. Its increasingly spurious judgments – placing the rights of terrorists above the rights of the public – are bringing the British justice system into disrepute and threatening our national security. Whilst it is welcome that the Conservative party is beginning to recognise this fact, plans to… Read More

Cameron’s EU Budget Cuts are a Mirage

Photo in WikiCommons
Oct 03

“People said I cannot cut the EU budget. I cut the EU budget.” David Cameron boasted on BBC 4’s Today program this week. Time and time again – including in his keynote speech to the Conservative Party Conference – the Prime Minister proudly trotted out this claim to defy the critics of his renegotiation strategy. For all of call me Dave’s bluster, the European Parliament has predictably announced… Read More