Get Britain Out is an independent, cross-party, grassroots Eurosceptic group, campaigning to make sure the United Kingdom leaves the European Union as quickly as possible, and on the best possible terms.

We want to restore UK democracy, be free of the EU’s unaccountable bureaucrats, and take back control of our borders, our laws, our trade policy, and our money.

Theresa May’s ‘red lines’ – to Leave the Single Market and Customs Union – must be non-negotiable. We believe Britain has an incredibly strong hand in the trade talks, which the Government must not be afraid to play. If Brussels is unprepared to partake in more constructive talks, we should be confident in walking away with ‘No Deal’ and be prepared to trade with EU countries under WTO terms, as we do with the rest of the world. This would hurt the EU far more than us, and allow us to embark upon our global future.



The Country voted to Leave the European Union

On June 23rd 2016 the Great British Public took the emphatic decision, following months of intense debate, to Leave the European Union.

Brexit represents the biggest political decision ever taken by the UK. A failure to implement the will of the people would have disastrous consequences for our country’s democracy and our future in an expanding global economy.

To ‘take back control’, the Government must make a clean break from both the Single Market and the Customs Union.


A Global Future

Outside the EU we can strike free trade deals with the fastest growing economies around the world – from Brazil to India to Australia.

We can retake our seat at the most important global tables, and actively pursue the role of global leadership we so disastrously vacated after joining the Common Market.

The 21st Century is bearing witness to the 4th industrial (technological) revolution. Taking back control of our sovereignty and laws will enable us to promote enterprise and innovation – assets actively stifled by burdensome EU regulation.


The EU is the past

The EU is beset with problems. From systemic issues with the Euro, to the migrant crisis, and rising Euroscepticism, the supranational project is at breaking point.

Whilst Eurocrats try to force Europe’s nations into a ‘Federal Superstate’, 90% of future global growth is set to take place in the rest of the world. Leaving the EU will allow us to take advantage of these opportunities

The EU’s Common External Tariff keeps prices on food, clothing and footwear artificially high. This affects the poorest in our society. Removing these tariffs will allow us to pursue more just and fair economic policy.