You can cut the EU budget

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You don’t have to look far in the EU to see them wasting money. News in the papers of late shows the EU spends a staggering £2.1bn on quangos a year. Our share of that is £300m, not even a week’s membership contributions.

We will keep repeating this charge – the EU is not a trading bloc. It has evolved into a political operation charging forward to ‘ever closer union’.

Those who wish to rewrite 50 years of federal encroachment can try, by all means. But with each day spent banging your head on the wall trying to turn back the tide of European integration, that’s £53m that could be spent at home.

The game is up. The EU enthusiasts want a federal union. The Great British Public do not. Let’s give them what we want and quit the EU. That way both sides will be happy.

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