WRITE TO YOUR MP: Say ‘No’ to Remoaner Amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill

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In Parliament, the effort from Remoaners to undermine Brexit is well underway, and we need your support to fight back to ensure a real Brexit so we can go forward to embrace a truly Global Britain.

If you have come straight from our e-Bulletin, you can find our template letter, which you can amend as you wish, here:

Letter to MP


In the last few weeks, MPs have been voting on amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, many of which are designed to scupper Brexit, such as watering it down by keeping us in the Single Market and Customs Union.

On Wednesday, Conservative Remoaner MPs – spearheaded by the former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve (who was fired by David Cameron), along with Anna Soubry, Ken Clarke and 8 other Conservative MPs voted with Labour and against the Government to ensure there is a final Parliamentary vote on the Brexit deal. It’s hard to put any other take on this apart from perhaps providing an opportunity for Labour, the LibDems, the SNP and some of these Remoaner Conservative MPs to delay or even derail Brexit completely.

We have been keeping a record of all MPs’ votes on Brexit legislation during the passage of this Bill through Parliament. Based on this data, we have rated each MP on their commitment to Brexit. You can find this information here. If you don’t already know who your MP is, you can find out from this link here.

The final debate is scheduled to take place next Wednesday – 20th December. There are already rumours of another Remoaner rebellion, so we have produced a template letter here, which we encourage you to send to your MP. Even if you have written to them before, or know they do not support Brexit, it is vital they hear from you as the person who has voted them into their seat in the House of Commons.

We need to make sure the Bill gets through the House of Commons without any more amendments which would undermine Brexit.

Whichever party you support, and whichever party your MP belongs to, it is important they hear your views – even if you know they do not support Brexit! The more they hear from all their constituents the better, so they are aware of how important it is to you, as well as your family and their future.

Remember, even though Labour are now trying to weaken Brexit, 7 out of 10 Labour constituencies voted to Leave the EU in the Referendum, so if your MP is Labour, it is very important he or she hear from you.

You can use this link to find the contact details of your MP.

Please feel free to amend the letter where you feel you need to amend it or add your own points. This is really important if your MP has a low “commitment to Brexit” rating (which you can find here), we encourage you to add this information to your letter. Please e-mail the letter to them BEFORE next Wednesday.

Please remember to add your MP’s name, your name and your address in the relevant places.

It would be helpful if you could also copy us with your letter to info@getbritainout.org and any reply you might receive.

Every little bit helps, as the Remainers, including the likes of Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Richard Branson, George Soros and Gina Miller, as well as the Remainer MPs in Parliament, are throwing everything at trying to block us from Leaving the EU.

Please find the template letter, which you can amend as you wish, here: Letter to MP



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