WRITE TO YOUR MP and MEPs: Say ‘NO’ to Philip Hammond’s ‘Halfway House’ on Brexit – Respect the Referendum Result or Resign

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Below, we have produced a draft letter you may wish to send to your MP about this.  Whichever party you support, and whichever party your MP belongs to, it is important they hear your views.

You can find out who your MP is and the contact details from this link

You can also write to the MEPs in your region, who are there to represent you in the European Parliament. Clearly they also need to know how you feel. You can find contact details for your MEPs via this link.

Please feel free to amend the letter where you feel you need to emphasise anything, or add any of your own points.

It would be helpful if you could also copy us with your letter to info@getbritainout.org and any reply you might receive.

Dear [Insert Your MP’s Name Here]

NO’ to the Chancellor, Philip Hammond’s ‘Halfway House’ on Brexit Respect the Referendum Result or Resign

On 23rd June 2016 over 17.4 million people in the United Kingdom voted in the EU Referendum to Leave the European Union. This was the greatest democratic exercise in our history and more people voted than in any General Election!

When she became our Prime Minister, Theresa May promised ‘Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to make a success of it’, which we can only do in a truly Global Britain.

Recently, some members of the Cabinet have been trying to muddy the waters – in particular, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond and the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd.

Both were committed Remainers coming up to the Referendum, as was Theresa May – but at least May has accepted the result!

Hammond and Rudd talk about wasting valuable negotiating time to produce a ‘transitional deal’, lengthening the time before we would be free of the constraints of the European Union even further. They hint it would let the European Court of Justice continue its jurisdiction over and above our own legal system, and lock us into the Single Market, Customs Union and perhaps even the so-called ‘Free Movement’ for years after we leave the EU.

This is not what we voted for when we voted Leave on June 23rd. It would be a betrayal of the Brexit vote and the will of the majority in the Referendum.

We voted to ‘take back control of our laws’, which we cannot do in the ECJ’s jurisdiction.
We voted to ‘take back control of our borders’, which we cannot do in the Single Market.
We voted to ‘take back of our trade’, which we cannot do in the Customs Union.
We voted to ‘take back control of our country’, and we will not accept anything less.

Parliament must try to get the best possible deal from the EU – as soon as possible – rather than wasting time with all this transitional nonsense. The people voted for Brexit, and 85% of them they voted for the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and UKIP – all claiming to back Brexit to the hilt. Since the Referendum result, even the majority of those who voted Remain, now simply want to get on with getting the best deal for the United Kingdom.

Parliament must deliver on this promise given to the voters in the United Kingdom.

MPs who fail to get fully behind Brexit should consider their position as representatives of the Great British People. And Cabinet Ministers undermining the Government should get with it – or resign.

I sincerely hope you, as my MP, will make sure we take back control in March 2019.

As your constituent, I am asking: “Will you rule out remaining in the Single Market, the Customs Union and continuing the EU’s ‘Free Movement’ after March 2019?”

Yours sincerely,

[Insert Your Name Here]

[Please also add your address so your MP knows you are one of his/her constituents]


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  • Pam Bennett

    These two are a disgrace, particularly Hammond. They should both resign. We voted to leave the whole of the EU, not bits and pieces of it. Leave really should mean leave, these two should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Gary Goss

    The Brexit cliff edge – WT actual F?
    I have to apologise in advance. The following post is going to contain swearing and lots of it. I usually do my best to refrain from swearing in my posts and I’m actually pretty sure that I’ve managed not to swear in any of my posts so far (I think).
    However, I did see somewhere in a study that they think swearing actually means you are a very smart person so it’s quite possible that this will be my smartest post yet – I won’t hold my breath.

    So what’s happened to invoke my expletive laden wrath? I’ll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start………… (sorry).

    Several decades ago we had a referendum and agreed to join an economic union with a few other countries. Over time more countries joined and then a few less decades ago the government at that time, without a referendum, took us further into that union and agreed for us to become part of a bigger, more integrated, political union.
    Many people in the UK didn’t like being part of that bigger political union and over time resistance grew and last year we had another referendum and decided to leave said political union……… and that’s it.

    I mean what the actual fuck……….. That’s seriously all it is.
    And what’s going to change that’s so fucking terrible?
    Well these three things for starters.
    We’ll have a sensible immigration control system. So if you’re a doctor and you want to work here and we need doctors we’ll give you a visa and if you like the look of the UK we hope you’ll want to come here and work. And if you subsequently like it here we hope you’ll stay.
    If you’re a student from Europe and you want to come and work here in the summer you can apply for a summer work visa online – it’ll take you about 10 minutes, and you’ll probably get your visa in about 10 minutes.
    If anyone in the UK wants to visit Europe you can apply for a visa online, it’ll take about 10 minutes and will probably last around 10 years before needing to be renewed.
    But guess what? If you’re a Murderer, a Rapist, a Paedophile or a Religious/Political nut job… you’re not invited!!!

    LAWS (This is a tricky one) –
    We’ll make our own laws and enforce them ourselves (gasp!)

    TRADE –
    The EU is a protectionist fucking state. Tariffs coming out of its ears preventing trade with the rest of the world and we will be free of that.
    After we have left we will set our own ‘free trade’ deals. We’ll still trade with the EU and we’ll also trade directly with literally the rest of the fucking world, and many companies will want to come here to tap into our economy as well.

    And that’s really just about it.

    But aren’t there some areas that will be negatively affected?? Of course there are. But there’s nothing that, with some good management, can’t be effectively mitigated.

    So what the actual fuck is the problem? There’s nothing here that can’t be easily delivered by anyone that wants to.

    The remainers seem to be trying to force the biggest ‘nothing burger’ in the history of man fucking kind down the throat of this nation. I wouldn’t mind if I could understand what the fuck they were going on about but how is an immigration system like what I described above, and like what the rest of the fucking world uses, racist? And how the fuck is being out of a tariff obsessed protectionist state, and becoming a ‘free trade’ based country, like ‘walking off a cliff edge’? My fucking brain is melting.

    One of my biggest concerns is that we have MP’s talking this fucking shit. And what’s my actual concern with that?……..it’s that they’re fucking MP’s for fuck sake…….that’s what we’ve got in our fucking parliament!!!

    So someone please save me. Please explain to me, in sentences that exclude phrases like “you’re just a fucking racist”, or equally nonsensical comments like “BUT WE’RE GOING TO FALL OFF A CLIFF EDGE” (That doesn’t even fucking mean anything by the way), why it’s such a big deal? Like I said, the Brexit ‘Fear’ is a nothing burger, we’ve left a political union, some things in our economy will change and get comparatively worse- that’s to be expected. And some things will change and get comparatively better. And that’s it. That’s really fucking it.

    So, if you haven’t got an actual argument against Brexit and I mean an actual one, not some stupid unsubstantiated soundbite, please, just give it a fucking rest and let the government get on with it.

  • Suze Burtenshaw

    There’s a superb piece by Gerald Warner on reaction.life. It says it all. Well worth a read.