WRITE TO THE BREXIT ‘WAR CABINET’: Say NO to the Bogus Customs Partnership – Respect the Referendum Result or Resign

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On Tuesday 15 May, the EU Strategy and Negotiations sub-committee will meet to discuss the two post-Brexit customs options on the table: a ‘Customs Partnership’ favoured by Remainers, and ‘Maximum-Facilitation’ favoured by Brexiteers.

Get Britain Out believes the Customs Partnership would be a disaster for post-Brexit Britain, a betrayal of the 2016 Referendum result, and would unacceptably keep us in the EU Customs Union via the backdoor.

Below, we have produced a draft letter you may wish to send to the PM or another ‘War Cabinet’ minister about this. It is crucially important they hear your views before their Tuesday meeting.

You can find out the relevant contact details by following this LINK.

Simply copy the text of the letter into a Word document to be printed, or into an email.

Please feel free to amend the letter where you feel you need to emphasise anything, or add any of your own points.

It would be helpful if you could also copy us with your letter to info@getbritainout.org and any reply you might receive.


[Insert date]

Dear [insert full name and title of Cabinet minister]

The responsibility of this Government is immense. You, as a Cabinet Minister, are tasked with helping to deliver the biggest political mandate in UK history, whilst simultaneously negotiating with a vindictive European Commission. This is a noble cause, but one which is facing the endless threat of sabotage from a committed sect of detached Ministers, MPs and unelected Peers.

I am a writing to you as a supporter of the Get Britain Out campaign: a cross-party, grassroots group which boasts the support of thousands and thousands of proud Britons.

I know what I voted for in the 2016 EU Referendum: to break away from a diminishing market and expand our horizons; to create a truly Global Britain. I knew, and so did the 17.4 million others who voted Leave, we could not do this whilst being a member of the Customs Union.

As a member of the ‘EU Strategy and Negotiations sub-committee’ I urge you not to back the so-called Customs Partnership proposal. Long has your Government stated, and voters understood, that as we rip up our EU membership, we rid ourselves of the Common External Tariff and become free to trade on our own terms with old friends and new allies.

I believe we must not become a vassal state, a meagre associate of a union in which we have no meaningful say. I voted for complete independence, and it must be granted. It is our voice which should be heard at the World Trade Organisation; our producers and consumers who will benefit from international trade deals; and our diplomats who fly all over the world to restore Britain’s international credentials.

Remaining in the Customs Union, explicitly or through some convoluted partnership, would tie us to the very union the Great British Public, and their representatives in Parliament, voted to Leave. Remaining would tether us to shrinking markets, whilst denying us access to others around the globe.

To not leave the Customs Union would be a betrayal of my vote, and one which I can assure you the country will never forget at the ballot box in the future.

Yours sincerely,



[Your name]

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