Will Your MP Betray Your Vote?

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Today, as The EU (Withdrawal) Bill returns to the House of Commons for two days of debate, we are publishing a list of Tory MPs in Leave constituencies who supported Remain in the 2016 EU Referendum.

As all eyes are on the green benches today, Theresa May and her Whips have fingers crossed, hoping they’ve done enough to delay a ‘Remoaner Rebellion’ from their own side. Career Europhiles like Kenneth Clarke and Dominic Grieve will no doubt vote against the Prime Minster, but who will join them? With only a slim majority in Parliament, the Conservative Party cannot afford any more than a couple of rebels.

We’ve compiled this list so you can monitor your MP, and if they vote in favour of the House of Lords ‘wrecking amendments’, you can begin a campaign for their deselection. Amber Rudd, Anna Soubry, and Dr Philip Lee should all be made well aware of the consequences to ignoring the will of their own voters, and betraying the manifesto they were elected on.

Please see the full list here: Will Your MP Betray Your Vote?

If you are unsure who your MP is, please enter your postcode here.

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