Much the same is true of services. Over the years 2004-2012, the most recent years for which we can get a matched comparison, the exports of 27 non-members grew at an annual rate of 3.7% which is faster than that of 27 members exporting to each other which was only 3.2%. Over the years 2000-2014, UK services exports to the rest of the world grew twice as much, twice as fast and ended more than three times larger than those to fellow EU members.

Data on productivity growth and the impact of EU’s world-wide trade agreements, also show that the benefits of Single Market membership have, over many years, been vastly exaggerated in the UK.

If an EU-UK free trade agreement is not agreed, and the UK decides to walk away, the experience of numerous exporters from non-member countries shows that trading with the EU under WTO rules is no great disadvantage, and is not incompatible with high rate of growth of exports. It is also, of course, free of charge and unwelcome political constraints.