We will be a democracy again if we leave the EU

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John Redwood’s latest blog discusses the UK Parliament and democracy

A fundamental principle of democracy is that one government and Parliament cannot bind another.

To ensure the power of the people voters need to be able to dismiss a government that does not please and replace it with one that does. Any law, decision or spending priority that needs changing should be capable of change following an election.

Now we are in the EU there are many areas where UK voters cannot change policies by voting or through the pressure of public opinion.
An incoming government in many areas has to say we cannot change that law, that expenditure, that way of doing things, because it is set out in EU laws, regulations and directives.

A new UK government cannot make many changes to our energy policy to pursue cheaper energy, cannot set our welfare policy as we wish, cannot police our borders as we choose, thanks to EU laws.

The UK was signed up to Nice, Amsterdam and Lisbon, three centralising EU Treaties, by the last Labour government. The Conservative Opposition opposed all 3 for good reasons. We were not able to change a single clause in them once elected to office.

Greece has shown just how broken and damaged a democracy is when you sign up to the Euro as well as the rest of the EU laws. Greek voters discovered they can no longer change economic policy, however bad the existing one may be.

The UK has also signed a way a lot of her power of self government. The UK too is being taken on a wild ride to political union. EU law making and budget setting is incompatible with UK democracy.


They either say little has gone, or they say we are stronger if we “pool” our sovereignty.

It is simply wrong to deny the transfers when you see the thousands of pages of laws and Treaty clauses we are signed up to.

And it is wrong to say we are more powerful because we have one voice in 28 around the table.

Does our Prime Minister look powerful, rushing round the EU begging for changes to our welfare system which we can longer do for ourselves? It’s our money, but they tell us how to spend it.

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