‘We need to tackle fears that migrants come for benefits’, leading EU member admits

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Tackling fears that European immigrants come to Britain to abuse our benefits will be vital to winning backing for the EU and its free movement rules, a top Brussels official admitted yesterday evening.

Luke Stanley, of the cross-party anti-EU campaign group Get Britain Out, said:

“While we welcome the news that eurocrats are finally starting to recognise the shortcomings of the free movement of people, Mr. Timmermans is deluded if he thinks curbing migrants’ access to welfare will make a jot of difference in the referendum outcome.

“Tinkering around with small-scale immigration reforms will not be enough to trick the Great British Public into voting to stay within this failed political project, as we were in 1975.

“We need the ability to fully control our borders, ensure all our laws are made by our country’s democratically elected representatives and the freedom to sign lucrative trade agreements with countries across the globe, all of which is only achievable by voting to Get Britain Out of the EU”.

Click here to read the full article in the Daily Express.

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