Want to regain Britain’s sovereignty? Vote to leave the EU

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes contributes another article for Get Britain Out: 

The ongoing migrant crisis has demonstrated just how powerless Britain is when it comes to renegotiating any significant change from the other member states.

We have seen the unedifying site of Chancellor Angela Merkel using political blackmail.
Merkel has said Germany would not support David Cameron’s attempt to reform the EU unless Britain accepted more migrants.

The reality is that Merkel has absolutely no intention of agreeing to any form of real and lasting reform of the EU. Especially when resorting to such low tactics!

Neither, it should be said, have any of the other member states indicated much in the way of tangible reform. They are either wilfully ignorant to it or are openly determined to impose a Federal EU State on Europe.

This is not what the British people voted for when they voted to remain in the Common Market in 1975. Surely our Prime Minister must know this by now?

However the extraordinary migration figures released recently, coupled with the migration crisis on the Continent has resulted in a dramatic change in feelings towards the EU and the way it has rendered the UK powerless to deal with this crisis. A recent Survation opinion poll showed that 51% of the British people would now vote to leave the EU.

As the migration crisis deepens, this Eurosceptic attitude amongst the electorate will only intensify.

This means the Prime Minister has two options once his “renegotiations” are completed.

The first is he comes back waving a piece of blank paper with blank promises recommending we stay in. However, he then risks looking like a 21st century Neville Chamberlain by doing so.

The second is, he admits his renegotiations are already as dead as the proverbial dodo and announces he has failed to secure anything meaningful and will, therefore, recommend that the people vote to leave the EU.

Unfettered and uncontrolled migration will also have an impact on our national identity. It will result in communities living in cultural silos, where people are unwilling to integrate and adapt to British values and morals. There is a risk this will lead to cynicism and a breakdown in community cohesion.

Britain has a proud tradition of free speech, liberty, democracy, women’s rights and integration.
This however is now being put at risk by a seismic social revolution led -intentionally or not – by Brussels.

Britain is now at a crossroads in its history. We can vote to leave the EU and begin to get our national sovereignty back, or we can vote to stay in and bow at the footstool of Brussels.

Brussels Rule or British Rule? The people must decide.

It is time to Get Britain Out.


Robert Barnes is a 50 year old Conservative Eurosceptic.

Robert has been active in politics for many years. He joined the Young Conservatives in 1982 in his home city of Leeds and has campaigning experience in both local, General and European Elections.

In 1992 and 1997, Robert worked closely on Timothy Kirkhope’s General Election campaigns in North East Leeds.

Since moving to Oldham in 2005, Robert has stood as a Conservative Candidate in Local Elections in Oldham campaigning on a platform of leaving the EU.

Robert believes that it is time for a new generation to have their say on our future membership of the EU.

Robert feels that Britain’s future is global and is better placed if we #GetBritainOut.

You can follow Robert on Twitter @Toryeurosceptic.

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