Vote to Get Britain Out

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Tomorrow is European election day and we go to the polls to elect Britain’s 73 Members of the European Parliament. With turnout predicted to slum down to 25%, there are several reasons why you should take some time out of your busy schedule to vote – for any party fielding true Eurosceptic candidates, whether Tory or UKIP.   

1. A good showing for the Eurosceptics on Thursday will show Cast Iron Dave we haven’t forgotten his referendum pledge. If you are one of the dwindling minority who expect the Prime Minister’s so-called ‘renegotiation’ strategy to achieve anything, as Nigel Farage has argued, a Eurosceptic victory will show the federalists in Europe that we mean business, strengthening David Cameron’s hand. 

2. While the Eurosceptics are expected to do well at the expense of parties taking the middle ground, over on the Continent the Europhiles are expected to do even better. As an article in the Financial Times shows, it will allow federalists to push through even more financial regulation, strangling Britain’s green shoots of recovery. The more Eurosceptics in the European Parliament, the harder it will be for the Europhiles to ram harmful legislation down our throats.   

3. The better the Eurosceptics do, the more pressure Lib Dem and Labour backbenchers will place on Clegg and Miliband to pledge an in-out referendum to appeal to Eurosceptic voters. Whilst we know Clegg’s word is worthless, a promise from Miliband could ensure an in-out referendum is achieved no matter who ends up in Number 10 next May.

This Thursday is the one occasion every 5 years the Great British Public can tell the EU we are fed up with their relentless assault against our parliamentary democracy. Make sure your voice is heard and vote to Get Britain Out!

Luke Stanley, Research Assistant

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