Veto the EU Budget

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William Hague is due to give a speech today warning the EU about British antipathy towards our EU membership. There is all sorts of analysis this morning that it shows this government is inching us towards an EU exit. We live in hope, but everything points to the contrary. Even yesterday David Cameron said he wants to remain in the EU and absurdly defended his proposal for a shambolic In/In EU Referendum.

The problem the government has on matters related to the EU is that of trust. The cast iron guarantee sticks in the minds of voters. It got our backs up yesterday when instead of promising to veto any increase in the EU budget, Cameron pledged to veto any “increase above inflation”.

The Great British Public don’t want any increase in the EU budget, especially as they see cuts bite into British public services. One penny more to Brussels is too much. An EU budget that demands that one penny more must be vetoed.

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