United States of Europe Defence Forces

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The EPP called for the centralisation of defence procurement and the creation of an EU reserve army. MEPs have even called for a central military HQ. This is nothing less than a move towards federalisation.

Defence is a sensitive subject for good reason. Recent events in Syria have highlighted how incongruent EU Member States are about the deployment of military resources. Our own Parliament rejected the Government’s plans to wage war against Bashar al-Assad while our neighbours in France want to jump in. Germany wants to sit it out. The countries of Europe cannot come to mutual agreement on the use of soft power, it is absurd to envisage the EU having a say in the defence of its Member States.

As the electorate’s voice was heard during the recall of MP’s to the House of Commons, the importance of democratic accountability in relation to the use of firepower was highlighted. The whispers of a united European defence regime represent one of the most disconcerting assaults on the notion of democracy to emanate from Brussels. Historically, the more powers the EU appropriates from its Member States, the more removed decision-making is from the electorate. The voices that are urging the surrender of defence responsibility want nothing less than the dissolution of the nation state. It is a step towards a United States of Europe that must not be allowed to happen.

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