Unelected Lords’ Amendments MUST be Overturned!

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Staunch Brexiteer and Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, the 12th and 13th June will be significant days in the battle for Brexit. MPs face two lengthy sessions of more than 6 hours each as they debate the 15 Lords’ amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, when it return to the House of Commons.

There will be numerous divisions and all MPs will remain on the Parliamentary estate on both days.

This will be when all MPs who believe in Britain’s sovereignty, independence and democracy should overturn every single amendment! Amongst them are amendments designed at keeping us in the Customs Union and the Single Market. Another is to give MPs a meaningful vote on the final deal.

The people had the only meaningful vote that matters on June 23rd 2016!

There are already rumours of rebel Conservative MPs planning to vote against their own Government and the Election manifesto, by voting to keep us in the Single Market and the Customs Union.

This would be an affront to democracy and go against the biggest democratic vote in our history.

Any defeat for the Government would be catastrophic and would end any chance of the Brexit we all voted for.

Remoaner Conservative MP, Antoinette Sandbach complained last week that she had been bombarded with emails after campaigns by Eurosceptic pressure groups. Clearly Get Britain Out’s campaign to ask supporters to write to their MPs has been working! She also complained about being called names such as “traitor”.

Sandbach also complained that the new General Data Protection Regulations had been breached and threatened legal action against people who had contacted her.

She is elected to represent the public. She is a public figure, and as an MP, her contact details are widely available. If she can’t stand the heat, she should stand aside and allow someone else who is sympathetic to the concerns of her constituents, considering the majority in her constituency of Eddisbury voted to Leave!

Sandbach is among a group of Conservative Remoaners who are threatening their own Government’s wafer thin majority.

No wonder people called her a “traitor”!

Next week’s votes are about putting the country before Party and personal opinions.

There is a grave risk our elected members will do the opposite and betray the will of the people.

The Labour Party is no better either after committing us to what amounts to a soft Brexit.

They are betraying their own voters who voted to Leave the EU.

Labour’s position is not about Britain’s interests. It is all about their own electoral interests.

What a cynical and contemptible way to treat the British people!

In Prime Minister’s Questions this week, Jeremy Corbyn refused to rule out holding a second referendum.

Corbyn is nothing more than a cynical and manipulative chancer.

A committed Eurosceptic all his life, he now poses as something completely different.

Next week is a crucial one for the future of Brexit.

MPs from all sides will be watched closely by the British people.

On one side of the House we have Remoaner May. On the other side we have Eurosceptic Corbyn.

Both are in danger of betraying the people.

We will be watching. We will be listening. And we will bide our time before voting at the next General Election to remove any MP who votes against Democracy and the chance to Get Britain Out.

Next week MPs will vote on several amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill which could see Britain Remain trapped in the Single Market and Customs Union. Go to out Take Action page to find out how you can help to ensure they do not betray the will of the people. 

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