UK taxpayers prop up the Euro

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Yet again we are dragged into the Eurozone crisis. News this morning comes that British taxpayers are to fork out near on £40m to ‘rescue’ Cyprus.

I put rescue in inverted commas because Cyprus cannot be rescued while she is in the Euro.

Unemployment in the Eurozone continues to rise, despite money being poured in. The most draconian policies, capital controls and cash rationing have been forced upon Cyprus. There were even rumours of gunboats patrolling Cypriot waters to prevent cash being taken out of the stricken nation. Yet the EU is there to promote democracy and human rights.

We remember seeing heartbreaking scenes of Cypriot savers crying at the thought of being left with nothing.

Not one single penny should be given to any bailout mechanism that supports the Euro. What more evidence does one need to know the Euro is a failed currency. Depression, suicides, rioting and political extremism have been the consequences of a project based on politics and not economics.

To support the Euro is to support the drive for ever closer European Union and the consequent burning of every note, the sale of every ounce of gold and exhaustion of every glimmer of hope in order to do so.

It is nothing we want a part of.

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