UK faces £6bn EU aid bill

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Eurozone pic

Our story in the Sun today (Page 2, not online) exposes EU plans to lumber the UK with a £6bn bill to prepare non-Eurozone states for entry into the ailing Euro currency.

Of the £50bn fund, £11.4bn has already been allocated to poorer EU member states in the East. That’s us liable for £1.2bn already.

As the EU cannot run a deficit, it will get this money from higher EU budget contributions. Suddenly that EU budget deal looks even worse.

Amazingly, this is a scheme designed to fill the gaps in EU state budgets so they can qualify for entry into the single currency. Then it’ll only be a few years before they’ll need another bailout when they’re locked into the Euro prison.

It’s as if the EU is busy lining up the next Cyprus and to add insult to injury it’s with out money.

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