Two Weeks Left

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Yesterday a report was leaked from the Home Office which contained plans to cap EU migration and limit their access to welfare. This comes only two weeks before restrictions on free movement are lifted on Romania and Bulgaria. It is a classic example of our government making a show of playing catch up with public opinion while not doing anything substantial at all.

Theresa May said that she and the Prime Minister are “[thinking] about whether we should look at restricting full free movement rights until, for example, a country’s national income, GDP is at a certain level.” Whether their thinking will lead to fruition is a big question…

Nick Clegg calls the plan “illegal”, and under EU law it most certainly is. A treaty change or Britain leaving the EU would be the only hope of this plan becoming a reality. Going by the way the Brussels elite reacted when the government dared to suggest benefit reform for EU migrants, the idea that we can get concessions on freedom of movement is absolutely farcical. To put this in perspective it is the EU equivalent of removing “thou shalt not steal” from the Ten Commandments.

The government is once again taking us for idiots, as they will not be able to achieve the reform they promise and certainly not in the next two weeks. For the government this is an attempt to look busy while the media and voters scrutinise and put them under pressure for their inability to regain any meaningful control of our borders. Despite that, it would be nice if the government did proceed with this and the whole thing ended with the EU kicking us out. We can hope…

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