Trade with the EU not political union

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Jeremy Warner in the Telegraph this morning comes round to our line of thinking on the EU. He says if the EU and US can have a free trade deal without the harmonisation, the ever closer union, the flag, the anthem, the currency, why should our trading relationship with the EU be one of political union?

It is a line we will be talking up until we leave the EU – we do not need to be in the EU to trade with it.

A genuine free trade deal will undoubtedly improve our economies. The problem in the EU is the European Parliament and the Commission. Their view of the EU has nothing to do with economics, it is about solidarity and ‘ever closer union’. As seen in the horse meat scandal, every crisis is used as an opportunity for ‘EU solutions’ and the transfer of more powers to Brussels.

The coming battle between the European Council and the European Parliament over the EU budget will show how far removed from a ‘trade based’ relationship the EU actually is. It will become clear that the only way to get David Cameron’s ‘looser’ relationship with the EU will be to leave the EU and negotiate a simple free trade agreement.

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