Tory rebels deserve our praise

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With European election season approaching, the frequent rebellions within Tory ranks are causing a headache for the Party HQ. This is apparent because calls to maintain an image of party unity are getting frequent and desperate. Yet, Tim Montgomerie in the Times (£) yesterday congratulated the rebels on a job well done. The fact that backbenchers can hold the government to account is integral to our democracy.

Without their efforts, we could be fighting a war in Syria right now.

It was also the insistence of Tory rebels that led to a £500 million reduction in the EU budget, and stopped us having to bailout any more Eurozone countries struggling with their economies as a result of Brussels rulings.

This disunity in the ranks might be an inconvenience to the Prime Minister, but it is a boon to our democracy. Their disloyalty to their leader is countenanced by their loyalty to the wishes of their constituents. They know that when it comes to the Great British Public casting their votes in the ballot boxes on election day, they will want to be served by independent-minded politicians rather than by yes-men who mindlessly follow the party line.

Alan Murad
Acting Campaign Manager

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