Time to Hold the EU to Account

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Mere weeks after the EU demanded £1.7 billion (€2.1 billion) from the British taxpayer on account of our economy being too successful, the annual report of the EU’s own Court of Auditors has exposed rampant corruption is rife in Brussels.

For the 19th year in a row, the Auditors have failed to sign off the EU’s accounts, with £109 of the £117 billion spent by the EU “affected by material error”! The European Court of Auditors has conceded that in 2013, 4.7% of the budget – almost €7 billion, which is three times the cost of the bill facing Britain – has been misspent by Brussels.

With the breath-taking arrogance that so often characterises the Eurocrats, they have applauded these new figures.  The Auditors claim the error rate of 4.7%, down from 4.8% in 2012, “shows that the Commission’s continuous efforts to improve the management of EU funds pay off”. So Britain is expected to pick up the tab!

Meanwhile, ‘Cast-Iron’ Dave’s principled stand over the £1.7 billion bill is already collapsing. Tomorrow, at a meeting of EU Finance Ministers, officials are expected to inform George Osborne that the bill must be paid in full or we must pay high interest rates until it is paid. The budget spokesman for the EU, Jakub Adamowicz has indicated if the bill is not paid on time, we will first face an interest rate of 2.5% – equivalent to €250,000 a day.

It has been suggested Osborne may be offered a deal to pay the hefty bill in interest-free instalments.  But they will apparently rule out any reduction in the surcharge.  That’s not the point.  Why should the Great British Taxpayer pay for our success and their inefficiency?

With no allies in Europe, and previous allies like Angela Merkel standing to gain a huge rebate because the German economy is not doing well, Cameron will be forced to fork out the £1.7 billion and more in interest. This money could, of course, be used to revitalise our public health or education services or balance part of the spending deficit. On the back of the EU acknowledging they have lost €7 billion down the black hole of Brussels bureaucracy, this is a disgrace.

This is hypocrisy of the highest order which cannot be blocked whilst we remain members of the EU. Britain will lose £1.7 billion to the EU (equivalent to the pay of 60,000 NHS nurses) so it can be redistributed to the French and Germans.

We must stop the endless bail outs Britain is being forced to make in order to accommodate the failing countries of the Eurozone. We must Get Britain Out of the EU. Only once we have reclaimed the billions of pounds of taxpayer money wasted on EU inefficiency, will we be able to invest this money in Britain which we need so desperately.

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