Time to Get Britain Out in 2016

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes contributes another article for Get Britain Out:

If there is one thing that’s becoming increasingly clear by the day, it is the fact our Government has no intention of leading the fight for Britain to leave the EU in the Referendum.

Former Leader and Foreign Secretary William Hague has now come down on the side for staying in. I never had Hague down as a Remainer.

Apparently, the current Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond is also leaning that way? What is it about Foreign Secretaries going native at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office?

The Prime Minister is in favour of Turkey joining the EU. So, despite his much vaunted EU renegotiation, we can expect no help from him either. As I said recently, he risks looking like a modern day Neville Chamberlain coming back in February waving a meaningless piece of paper.

As we already know, the renegotiation is already dead in the water. What the British people want to see is real leadership from those who govern them.

The campaign to ‪#‎GetBritainOut must now be cranked up in earnest.

For all the PM’s warm rhetoric, he has achieved nothing. Surely he must know that?

Germany and France are now offering a 3-year deal on benefits for migrants. Cameron is in a bind. If he rejects it, the other EU member states will reject what he is offering. If he accepts, he looks weak.

The EU is a burning monolith of failure and corruption. We are trapped within its walls scrabbling around for the key to the escape door. Next year, the British people can find the key, turn it in the lock and vote Leave.

The Establishment does not trust the people. As ever, the Establishment thinks it knows what is best for us.

Government Ministers should be free to campaign on either side of the argument. That is what happened in the 1975 Referendum. Both David Davis and Michael Howard have said as much. With such an important issue as our future either In or Out of the EU, to enforce collective Cabinet responsibility would be a grave folly.

It is time for the people to rise up and say “We know what is Best For Britain”. And that is to break free from the stranglehold of the EU.

It will not be an easy fight to win given that ranged against the people are the Government and a host of former Cabinet Ministers ramping up the fear factor. But it is a fight that must be won in a cross-party alliance to save our country for future generations.

Losing the most important Referendum in a generation does not bear contemplation.

So, let’s take the ‪#‎BattleforBritain to the people.

It is a fight we can and must win.

It is time to #GetBritainOut.

Come with us and together we can Get Britain Out.

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