A Thoroughly Warranted Rebellion

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Eurosceptic MP’s lie in wait to ambush Home Secretary Theresa May this coming Thursday, as the debate over EU justice and policing measures comes to Parliament. Without any renegotiation or need for major reform in Europe, we have an unusual ability to repatriate some 133 powers – hassle-free. Against a backdrop of ‘Cast-Iron’ Dave’s promise of a fundamental change of relationship with Europe, present Government plans are to only opt out of less than 100 in total, which provoked controversy among senior Tories.

Among those to be retained is the European Arrest Warrant, which controversially allows judges in other European countries to extradite British citizens with greater ease.

This scandalously puts the Great British Public in the hands of corrupt European judicial systems, such as Italy and Greece, with the risk of our citizens being thrown into filthy jails until the conclusion of trials, and in many cases being forced to defend themselves in foreign languages without adequate legal support.

The fanatically EU-loyal Liberal Democrats try to sell the European Arrest Warrant by insisting fatally damaging the strength of British Justice is the cost of fighting terrorism. However, Britain is quite capable of operating proper extradition treaties with other countries around the world that have appropriate checks and balances to ensure proper British procedure.

Whilst currently there are no plans for a vote to be held on May’s decision to opt-in to these EU justice measures, the long-standing opposition to the European Arrest Warrant from backbenchers could force a vote on this specific policy.

Whether we do opt out of these policing and justice laws or not, the simple truth remains that great volumes of British law are dictated from Brussels and Strasbourg. The sooner Great Britain leaves the European Union, the sooner we can create and enforce our own laws, without the fear of corrupt foreign judges undermining our national sovereignty.

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