Theresa May’s Draft Brexit Agreement

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Theresa May’s Deal, brought back from Brussels and presented to Cabinet and Parliamentarians is now available to the Great British Public.

The agreement is massively detailed but here are the main points

  • We shall remain in a “Single Customs Territory” from March 2019 until December 2020
  • We will remain in EU customs union indefinitely if new agreement not reached by then
  • Northern Ireland will be in same customs territory as UK and EU if no future agreement made
  • EU nationals living in UK for five years in a row to have the right to stay permanently in UK with families
  • UK will not be obliged to give student grants or loans to non-permanent residents
  • End of free movement – but visa-free travel to EU countries will continue.
  • UK to become “independent coastal state”, out of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) but will work with EU on fishing rights.
  • We will also be out of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Outline of the Political Declaration

  • A fantastic official summary for all the relevant and extended details of the Draft Withdrawal Agreement.
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