There’s no Status Quo in the EU

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Andrew Lilico today warns of the ‘tyranny of the status quo’ that would threaten the ‘out’ campaign in an EU referendum. In the traditional sense, he is right. Looking back to the AV referendum, people initially gave AV a look but preferred the first past the post system in the end. But to compare the AV with an EU referendum is misguided.

There is no status quo in the EU. We know where it is headed and we know Britain will be dragged into it. Our task is to tell the Great British Public that the EU is headed that way and the settlement we have now is merely temporary.

Article 16 of the fiscal union treaty incorporates fiscal union into the legal framework of the EU (aka the acquis communautaire) by 2017. Veto or not, if you’re signed up to the legal system of the EU, you’re going to be signed up to fiscal union.

This is new from Brussels and is a cynical way to get round vetoes or ‘no’ votes in referendums. Instead, just incorporate it into the acquis or, better still, amend the Lisbon Treaty, which is a self-amending treaty.

The EU has the means and ability to change into a single banking, fiscal and political union and can take us with it. The only sure way to stop this is to step back outside its legal framework and maintain our trade, and that means ripping up the 1972 Act that took us into the EU in the first place. The middle way will only take us further into the EU.

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