The Swiss success story

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Switzerland has been a modern day success story. Of course this is not what the EU enthusiasts said when the Swiss narrowly rejected membership of the European Economic Area, which would have been one foot into the EU for the central European country.

Oh how they were wrong. The BBC report on Switzerland says that with unemployment at less than 3%, it is the envy of its European neighbours.

Yet Switzerland is independent of the EU. It has control of its own affairs. The article explains how Switzerland is free to control its economy, borders and way of life as best suits the Swiss people.

Now just for a minute compare Switzerland to the UK. We have resources, not nearly as many hills or rocky terrain, a better climate (well, not for skiing) and global influence. With a portfolio of power like that, just imagine how much better off we will be outside the EU, joining the Swiss in their prosperity.

Image: Flickr

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