The people have spoken – Gina Miller does not speak for the Great British Public

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

Just when you thought it was safe to open a newspaper again, along comes a woman who is the embodiment of the Remoaners.

Gina Miller now wants to use her wealth to frustrate the will of the people and interfere with the Government’s Brexit negotiations.

This is a woman who said she felt “physically sick” when our country voted to leave the EU!

Miller has teamed up with another wealthy Remoaner, Sir Richard Branson. Branson is backing Miller’s new company – called UK-EU Open Policy Limited. In short, Miller is using her wealth in order to frustrate the Government and undermine the British people.

Miller has assembled a team of Europhile campaigners who are planning to pressure Prime Minister, Theresa May, into negotiating a soft Brexit by pushing against border restrictions and demanding as much access to the Single Market as possible.

But this is not what the British people voted for. The Government should be pushing for tougher measures on border restrictions not pushing against them.

It is not possible to achieve what Miller is asking for, as leaving the EU means leaving both the Single Market and the Customs Union.

Miller and her fellow Remoaners are trying to keep Britain in the EU via the back door.

There is an irony with Miller’s posturing. The Government will be negotiating for the whole country.

Miller – for all her claims – will only be representing only those who voted Remain. It is only ever the Remain side who make great play of the 48% figure.

Miller has shown herself to be arrogant and out of touch with ordinary working people as was demonstrated by her remarks this week.

She commented that “The fight is two-fold now, not just fighting for the negotiation but fighting for the sort of Britain we want after Brexit”.

Miller said she feels “a real sense of responsibility”, but claimed she would never survive in politics, and is more interested in social justice.

A sense of responsibility? To whom exactly? She has no responsibility apart from her love of litigation and the limelight it brings with it.

The EU Referendum result has nothing to do with “social justice”. It is about democracy – something Miller seems determined to frustrate.

“Thousands of people write, email, call, send me letters saying, ‘We really need you to carry on standing up for us because nobody else will’.” she said this week.

This self-important statement smacks of delusions of grandeur.

The Government should continue in its efforts to negotiate the best deal for our country and ignore the pitiful bleating from the sidelines of Gina Miller and her merry band of Remoaners.

She only speaks for the metropolitan chattering classes, not the Great British Public. Over 17.4m of them spoke last year and they voted to Get Britain Out.

Gina Miller does not speak for them. She looks down on them.

It is time she was silenced by the very courts she seems at home in.

Then and only then will she go away and crawl back under her hedge fund.

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Published by Get Britain Out


  • John Hill

    Egotistical and compleatly against the will of democracy , what does that say about this women ? Very dangerouse come to my mind !

    • marvin

      In the past, western media would have ripped this Gina Miller’s character apart – now we are presented with the American initiated Mind Management Media who will try all they can to lead readers into believing what they want you to believe – objectivity is a thing of the past! In which case – the people will publish their own facts!
      Gina Miller, born Gina Nadeira Singh in 1965 in Guyana. Guyana was once a British territory but became independent in 1966 – so Ms. Singh had no British nationality at the time she was sent to the UK. Ms. Singh has been married three times. Adrian Beale 1985, a financier who launched a financial services agency in 1992. The couple divorced and Ms. Singh married Jon Maguire, 2000, with whom she founded Capital Communications Consultancy – this company has been reported to have been involved in numerous illegal procedures and misled investors were paid £58million. Gina Maguire divorced husband number two after just two years. The third husband Allen Miller needs no introduction since he has been the focus of the media lately.
      Gina Miller was sent over to the UK at the age of ten? Did she travel alone? She was under the age of 18, there were no children’s passports at that time, how did she get into the UK? Only adults meeting certain criteria were allowed in at that time (1975) Gina Miller has publically claimed that she has a Law Degree – this is incorrect. Ms. Singh studied in Britain and dropped out of the polytechnic college, where she was studying, because her parents needed her back in Guyana. She does have a degree in marketing and in personnel management but certainly not Law.Ms. Singh has claimed that in order to pay for her living while in London she had to do chambermaid work – which is rather odd as her parents are supposed to be fairly wealthy. Her first employment was in running her own property photography business in 1987, while she was married to her first husband, then she became an events manager for BMW in 1990. In 1992 her first husband started a financial services agency. There appears to be little known about this company. What is apparent is that from her time as a chambermaid at the age of approximately 20 – Ms. Singh has become suddenly, an extremely wealthy person with many shadows left in her wake.
      If Ms Miller nee Singh wants to stick her nose into the UK’s business, we can do the same into her business – it could be a very interesting enterprise.

  • Ken Bell

    I am on the left and you come from the right, but we both make the same mistake: we believe that we are still the insurgents, but we are not. As of last June we became not just the victors, but the establishment as well, so we had better damn well start behaving in a manner that befits our new roles.

    Put yourself in the position of a Federast for a moment and you will realise just how weak that position is. We had the Labour Party on our side in the early 1980s, have always had the Communists and could always rely on the Morning Star to support the anti-EU cause. By the end of the 1980s we were joined by Conservatives like you, along with a big chunk of the press and fast forward to today and both main parties are committed to Brexit.

    The Federasts do not have a single serious political party on their side. We may stretch that point and call the Lib-Dems serious, but they are far from united with a minority in their ranks supporting Brexit. So the Federasts face a decades long task of trying to turn one or other of the main parties into a Federast front. Only the Guardian supports the EU of all the daily papers, and they are preaching to the converted and have a declining circulation.

    Gina Miller is about all that they have – that’s it! Yes, she has a lot of money behind her, but she is still just a mouthy little madam that the bulk of the population will ignore. Why do you think that she is being used as a front? It is because nobody else wants to become a figure of public ridicule, that’s why.

    There will be ups and downs, and the final deal will probably be a bit sordid and satisfy nobody very much, but we are leaving the EU. There is nothing that little Miss Miller can do about it.

  • deepblue9

    Only LOSERS bang on about “rights” like Miller does!

  • MrNewm

    Perhaps it is time for the government to study her residency qualifications and tax arrangements very seriously. I cannot help detecting more than a whiff of self interest here. I suspect she would be much happier living in another country, perhaps her residency here could be shorter than she would like following an investigation to find the skeletons in the cupboard.

    • marvin

      Gina Miller makes a reference to when she was brought over to the UK – her parents stayed in their own country. At that time, only certain people meeting specific criteria, were allowed into the UK. Therefore, it was not uncommon for family members, or extended family members, who did meet the criteria – to bring children over – claiming those children as their own in order to get them into the UK. This was so that the parents could legally come over later. It was simple to do – as there were no passports for children then. This is absolute fact – I knew of at least four such children from different families – only one of whom returned to his own country and back to his real parents. It would be very interesting to investigate if this Gina Miller was indeed an illegal immigrant!

  • Jeremy Wright

    So the government should be pressing ahead with spending £350M a week extra on the NHS, then? Because that is certainly what people voted for in the EU Referendum as “Leave” put that written promise in front of the electorate at every opportunity.

  • Truth to Power

    If she plans to spend large sums of money trying to undermine democracy by skewing our electoral system to her own advantage (though she won’t be honnest and admit that) suerly this little different to Russia, or the EU, meddling in the UK’s affairs. Political parties have spending caps in an attempt to avoid bias, however, not Mrs Miller who is effectively injecting money into the Liberal and left wing campaigns.

    It might be argued that newspapers and the media already run campaigns that cause bias. Perhaps the rules of electoral campaigns need to be changed to prevent these behaviours during the election campain, and prevent the likes of Mrs Miller abusing our legal system to promote their personal projects and ambitions.

  • Keith Hampson

    Who does that rich bitch think she is feking royalty. Free speech but only if your a spoilt rich bitch. As for branson the twat doesn’t even live here , I bet he gets his winter payment though.

  • Dave

  • Dave

    Miller and her 12 friends who happen to be the Supreme Court represent a clear and present danger to our democracy. They all despise Brexit because it takes away a large part of their daily sense of self-righteousness, no longer being part of the giant bubble of delusion that is socialist Europe. They intend (and are fully capable) of stopping it by choking parliament first with legal attacks, and now latterly, in collusion with Branson and other assorted elitist filth, with a covey of Liberal-Left MPs from any party colour who will form their “Progressive Alliance”. Miller’s idea of “democracy” is 650 MPs of broadly the same political colour arguing pointlessly over the details of nothing-in-particular. She wants the sort of Proportional Representation which goes down well in Europe, so the Executive branch of Government is effectively dispensed with and no one actually makes any decisions anymore, they just talk.

    In a sane world the woman would by tried and executed for treason.

  • marvin

    Don’t even mention her – she is nothing, a nobody – she would have got nowhere without money! Another Camila Batmanghelidjh – where do they find such people?