The most out-of-touch man in Britain

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It was a coin toss between him and Nick Clegg, but Ken Clarke’s statement today that it is ‘absurd’ to cut the EU budget make him the most out-of-touch man in the country.

He struts about at home talking about cuts, yet any cuts to his precious European Union aren’t even worth discussing. It is his attitude towards the EU that is absurd. Even Labour Europhiles can talk about belt-tightening in the EU and voted for cuts to the EU budget on Wednesday.

Let us remember Clarke is also opposed to referendums, lauding parliamentary democracy. Yet he mocks Wednesday’s vote, saying it doesn’t “tie anybody to anything”. Some cheek – one would even dare to say hypocritical.

If you support parliamentary democracy, then Wednesday’s vote to cut the EU budget is an instruction to the Prime Minister to express the will of parliament at the budget summit. Nothing else will do.

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