The In/Out Referendum Bill to be debated

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The EU Referendum Bill will be debated tomorrow in the House of Commons. It will be interesting to see who opposes the notion that the Great British Public should have a say whether to leave the EU. If the Bill passes into law in the future, an In/Out Referendum would be scheduled too late to stomach for most Eurosceptics, but it represents a slim glimmer of hope. Even so, Eurosceptics should not be complacent.

A 2017 Referendum is a blatant attempt to appease the voters who proved that they will punish those who would bury their head in sand, deaf to the righteous outrage that the Great British Public have expressed over the relationship with Brussels .

It will be interesting to see whether Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg will boycott or frustrate the passage of the Bill, it would amount to frustrating the democratic will of the people. Many Labour MP’s have publically declared their support for an In/Out referendum and will ignore Miliband, as he should be. For now, we can only wait and see.

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