The EU’s Open Border Experiment is Collapsing

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This article first appeared in Brexit (Issue 10.)

With only one month of 2016 gone it seems the collapse of the Schengen Zone is imminent. Border controls across Europe are being reinstated as nations finally realise they need to think independently. They are realising this is the only way they can truly protect their citizens. However, those at the top table in Brussels still refuse to accept this as they fear this will lead to the break-up of the EU.

Constantly rising migrant figures have little chance of slowing down any time soon. It will only be a matter of months until the good weather returns in Europe, and the British Government will be silently dreading the migrant numbers increasing even more.

David Cameron and his Government are panicking. They know the migrant issue will be one of the top priorities for men and women on the doorsteps in Britain come the time of the EU Referendum – whenever that may be.

It makes absolute sense for us to leave the EU and protect ourselves from such vast numbers of unmonitored people.

The Schengen Agreement eliminated all border checks among its members and allowed foreign visitors to travel throughout the area using only one visa. With its downfall, border checks are beginning to reappear in an attempt to ensure the safety of the general public.

Since the escalation of the migrant crisis last year, hundreds of thousands of migrants have made the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean to begin their trail across Europe. With no borders, nothing has been able to stop them.  Most want to head to the more affluent northern nations – chiefly Germany and Sweden – and now their infrastructures are close to collapsing.

The EU – the same Union which was founded to prevent conflict amongst its Member States – has seen Hungary sending armoured vehicles to its border with Croatia, Slovenian police sealing several crossings to Croatia and Sweden has restored its borders with Denmark. Sweden has also announced it has plans to expel 80,000 failed asylum seekers. Meanwhile, genuine refugees and migrants alike are being pepper sprayed as they attempt to reach northern Europe.

Is this Europe of open borders and peace working? We think not

It is time the rest of Europe accepted the Schengen Agreement is on its last legs.

The already declining popularity of the EU is plunging even further, with more people intending to vote to Leave the EU than ever before.

If we get out of the EU, we will be in complete control over our own immigration system and can vet anyone wanting to come and live in Britain. We will be able to create a fairer and more equal immigration system. We won’t pick someone from Germany or France over someone from China or Africa just because the latter “aren’t European enough”

Britain needs to make a stand now. It is time to accept it is not possible to have porous open borders throughout Europe — our security is at stake.

David Cameron had a fantastic chance to force this idea through as part of his renegotiation process — but he has failed even to touch on the subject. The only way to stop this madness is to Get Britain Out of the EU.

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