The EU’s disdain for democracy

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Juncker and van rompuy

One of the biggest fallacies peddled by the EU is that the EU has been a beacon for ‘peace’. As the EU collected its Nobel Peace Prize, riots ravaged southern Europe as the fallout from the EU’s march to ever closer union dug in.

Now we get more Euro-rubbish, this time the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker says conditions in Europe today resemble those before the First World War because of “petty national thought processes”. Clearly he is confusing the right for sovereign to states to govern themselves with expansionist, jingoistic, autarkic pre-globalisation dictatorships. An easy mistake to make, surely…

What Mr Juncker calls “national thought processes”, we call democracy. It is the right for decisions to be made closer to the people and for the people to remove the government at the ballot box. As an elected official, he should know better.

Rather than democracy being a threat to peace, Mr Juncker should look to the disastrous consequences of the Euro and “ever closer union”.

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