The European Parliament plans to spend £ billions on bribing young people

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Press Release: GET BRITAIN OUT
For Immediate Release

26th July 2017

Clause 8 on the 30.6.2017 report of the EU Budgetary Committee restates the European Parliament’s support for an ‘18th Birthday Interrail Pass For Europe’, to give teenagers a free interrail pass when they hit 18, and is calling on the Commission to assess the proposal. This idea was first proposed in 2016.

A key issue in the free interrailing proposal is the potentially huge cost.

Eurostat says 15.6% of the EU’s 510.3 million people are aged 14 or under – averaging 5,307,120 people at each year under the age of 14. By the time the EU bureaucracy has passed this free interrailing offer, this generation would be reaching the age of 18, and so entitled to redeem this offer.

Interrail tickets that cover Europe – as the European Parliament’s promotional materials suggests they must – cost between £188 and £449, depending on how long the trip will be and how many days of it will be spent travelling.

Given the numbers turning 18 each year, and depending which kind of ticket the EU would be providing for free, this proposal would cost between £997,738,560 and a massive £2,382,896,880 per year!

Jayne Adye, Director of cross-party grassroots campaign Get Britain Out commented:

“The massive cost of the European Parliament’s ‘free’ Interrail plan shows how desperate the EU has become to shore up its creaking project.

“£ billions every year would be spent on what is largely a huge hand-out for middle-class young people to travel across Europe in their holidays and gap year, even as mass unemployment ravages Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

“After years of crises, Pew Research Centre found 53% of Europeans now want their own referenda on EU membership, and who can blame them. The EU’s only answer now seems to be new bribes for young people, paid for by the EU taxpayer – and if they can get away with it, the British taxpayer!

“They will find bread and circuses are not enough to distract people from the crippling failings of the Brussels project.

“This is yet another reason why we must Get Britain Out of the EU as soon as possible, before Brussels tags this cost onto the Brexit bill!”



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