The EU wants more and more and more

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One of the stories leaked out yesterday revealed that the EU wants even more money from us. This week MEPs warned the government that the UK must stump up an extra £2 billion to plug the holes in the EU budgets. With almost perfect timing, the Daily Express reports today that the EU has lost £4 billion in fraud – more than estimated.

These figures are getting ridiculous. We’re due to hand over £6.2 billion to pay for EU member states to join the Euro. Now they want £2 billion more, despite losing £4 billion. This is on top of the near £20 billion we give them a year.

It’s no longer a European Union. It’s a transfer-of-debt union. That’s good money of ours given to countries who simply cannot afford to join the Euro. It’ll only be a matter of time before they’ll need a bailout too.

Who, seriously, believes in the EU anymore? How can they justify the complete waste of money?

The simple answer is – they can’t.

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