The EU wants ever closer union

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It’s plenary week in the European Parliament, where all MEPs get together and vote in the Strasbourg parliament. President Hollande of France addressed the parliament yesterday and the exchange between him and Guy Verhofstadt demonstrates what mentality reigns in the EU. They want ever closer union, “transfers between borders” and a completely united EU in every sense of the word.

How one imagines the Prime Minister can get a looser relationship when dealing with that mentality is beyond comprehension.

There is no reason to believe renegotiation within the EU is possible. MEPs don’t want it, the Commission refuses it and other EU leaders have ruled it out.

The only genuine way you can renegotiate looser ties is to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, leave the EU and within the 2 year process negotiate a free trade agreement. Then we could be like Switzerland, a proud independent country that registers its biggest ever trade surplus today.

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