The EU drives energy policy

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The government today are, with some cheek, saying that our already high energy bills are good for us.

What they won’t tell you is that these bills are already inflated due to ridiculous EU targets and renewable policies. During this endless chill we’re experiencing, we saw horrific headlines warning of gas rationing. In February the EU referred the UK to the European Court of Justice because the government’s ‘green deal’ cut VAT on energy saving materials (insulation, etc) to 5%.

The EU, in all its wisdom, said that this was not the right way to promote environmentalism and wrongly contravenes the VAT Directive. So, again, the EU overrules a government policy.

Over the next few years our coal fired power stations are closing. Power output will fall by a third thanks to the Large Combustion Plant Directive.

So we are left with windmills to keep us warm.

Thanks, EU.

Image: Flickr

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