The elite ‘would love another referendum’ says prominent Labour MP

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The Westminster elite would “love” another referendum in a bid to reverse Brexit, according to MP Kate Hoey.

The Labour stalwart singled out parts of the Civil Service and certain members of parliament wanting to overturn the will of the British public.

The long-standing Eurosceptic told Get Britain Out on Monday: “I do think there are Remain voting MP’s and many in the establishment including the Civil Service who would love another referendum.”

Urging Brexiters to “keep the faith” amidst all the ploys from the Remainers in London, the Vauxhall MP said: “Keep banging the drum and speak out to keep up the morale of those who voted out. “Those people are not involved in day-to-day London-centric politics.”

The former Shadow Spokeswoman, who was elected to parliament in 1989, told Get Britain Out the Labour Party she joined was a hotbed of Euroscepticism in the early 1980s.

Ms Hoey said: “When I joined the party we had people like Peter Shore, Barbara Castle and Tony Benn, and let’s not forget the manifesto from 1983 was for the country to Leave.”

In the intervening 30 years the party has been much closer to the EU project, culminating with the Lisbon Treaty in 2009.

New Labour must have seemed a very distant place to the old Labour guard like Ms Hoey, a member of the left which has always seen the EU as the undemocratic and unscrutinised club that it is.

According to numerous research, most recently conducted by the British Social Attitudes Group, those who classify themselves as on the political left, are overwhelming more likely to be pro-EU than those on the right.

Such findings mean the voices of those like Ms Hoey are more important than ever in crossing the political sphere to get what the British public voted for last June.


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