The dominoes are falling

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First it was Lord Lawson, now Michael Portillo has joined the ranks of former government ministers saying that Britain should leave the EU.

Again, his points are valid. We are not, we never have been, of the view that the EU must drive onward to ever-closer-union. Ever closer union has been the goal from the start and, as we were not there at the beginning, we did not frame the agenda for the EU. The facts don’t change there.

Portillo is also spot on when he lambasts the defeatism of the political class. We can survive outside the EU. We’re their biggest customer, they will still trade with us. The EU has free trade agreements with many countries that are not in the EU – we can be one of them too. The only reason they don’t want us to leave is that when one goes, the whole edifice will crumble.

And damn right too. Youth unemployment in Greece has reached a shocking 64.2% today. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, EU enthusiasts can be proud of. You have sold out a generation for some fantasy of political integration.

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