Barmy Brussels Latest Call for Gender Equality

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Our campaign to Get Britain Out has revealed to the Daily Express Brussels politicians want schoolboys to learn about vacuum cleaning and dusting as part of a drive against “sexist” education. Textbooks that reinforce old-fashioned stereotypes about male and female roles would also be banned under a package backed in the European Parliament.

Jayne Adye, director of cross party Eurosceptic campaign group Get Britain Out, demanded: 

“Why do politicians in Brussels assume they know what is best for our children and seek to undermine parents and teachers in this way?

“The EU should not be trying to impose its politically correct worldview on its members, let alone write lesson plans and censor books.

“It has failed Britain as a trading partner and now mistakenly sees itself as a force for social change.”

MEPs approved the proposals by 408 votes to 236.

Tory MEPs voted against adopting the report. While not binding on member states, the package will now get submitted to the European Commission and national governments to consider any next steps.

The report on Empowering Girls Through Education from the Parliament’s FEMM Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, “encourages girls and boys in the education process to take an equal interest in all subjects, beyond gendered stereotypes”.

In particular, it says, “as regards scientific and technical subjects, including boys’ learning about activities regarded as female, in areas such as domestic work and care”.

EU member states are urged to develop or strengthen national regulations to counter negative gender stereotyping in advertising and the wider media.

Earlier this summer, the same committee of MEPs was lambasted for suggesting a target be set to get European men doing at least half the housework in Europe’s homes, to help women reach their potential in the workplace.

You can read the full coverage in the Daily Express, and the Mail Online.

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