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A note to all Eurosceptics: those who would oppose your right to shape the future of this great nation are all running scared. They are desperate to stop the Great British Public from having its say and would sabotage all efforts to hold a referendum. They can’t trust you to choose because they know you will pick the ‘wrong’ answer, and they’re right. The public is overwhelmingly Eurosceptic and will choose to leave if a referendum was held today. This frustrates them because they would prefer if we forgot about it already and went on with our lives.

Nick Clegg does not want you to choose. He thinks we should shut up and let people who know better (like him) deal with important matters. Don’t even bring up the EU when you are around Ed Miliband, he doesn’t want to hear it, and will ignore his MPs and his voters to defend Britain’s vassalage to Brussels. Ken Clarke is just smarter than the whole nation and he knows better than you, Reader. The very same man who urged Britain to adopt the Euro. Sounds just like the sort of person to trust on issues regarding the EU(!)

While the Tories are reacting to and placating the Eurosceptics among them, rather than ignoring them entirely, this is thanks to pressure from UKIP and from sincere backbenchers who fought for a referendum because their voters want Out. There was evident reluctance in David Cameron as he was forced to concede to a referendum but we can credit him for doing what neither the opposition nor the junior partner of the Coalition are willing to do.

Yet, victory is not too far away. Those who would bow to their masters in Brussels are now in an uncomfortable situation, their shrill and feeble attempts to sway public opinion is evidence to how much ground was lost by them. We must press on…

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