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Six things the United Kingdom can do outside the European Union

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How Committed Is Your MP to Brexit?

This is a resource providing a ‘Commitment to Brexit’ rating for each Member of Parliament. This rating takes into account their stance in the referendum, and whether they voted for a speedy and ‘Clean Brexit’ at every opportunity in the House of Commons. It is being updated throughout the negotiations as more Brexit-related legislation is sent through Parliament.

How Committed to Brexit Is Your MP?

Will Your MP Betray Your Vote?

As the Conservative Government has such a slim majority in Parliament after the 2017 General Election, extra importance is placed on the potential ‘Rebel Remoaners’ as key legislation reaches the House of Commons. Many of those strident Remainers have constituencies which voted to Leave in the 2016 EU Referendum, which raises many questions about their loyalties.

We have compiled a handy list of all Remain-backing Conservative MPs in Leave seats, so each and every voter knows where their MP stands, and can put maximum pressure on their representatives to fulfil their manifesto pledges.

Conservative MPs in Leave Constituencies who Voted Remain

Brexit street stalls:

Help oust Remoaner MPs who continue to go against the wishes of their Leave voting constituents. Join our friends at The Freedom Association’s ‘Better Off Out’ campaign, as they take the fight to the doorsteps of Anna Soubry, and other Remoaner MPs.

We’ll update this page with the location, date and time of new street stalls when they are are announced.

For further information you can contact Andrew at andrew@tfa.net