Some people still want to join the Euro

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The Europhiles are mounting a fight back, it seems. Buoyed by the farcical awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU, some still believe the UK should join the Euro. Others are arguing that if the Eurozone breaks up there could be war. You couldn’t make it up.

The first article on Lib Dem voice says that “there is no possibility of the Euro failing” and that “it will survive”. Arguing with assertions doesn’t take our eyes off the economic realities in the Eurozone. If the Euro is succeeding and has “weathered the storm”, how does one explain the unprecedented riots sweeping the Southern Eurozone states? The sheer anger that greeted Angela Merkel on her visit to Greece last week is proof enough that the Euro has been a catastrophe.

Continuing the offensive, Vince Cable today warns that there could be war if the Eurozone breaks up.

These arguments won’t wash with the Great British Public. The scare stories no longer work and they are the only remaining arguments the Euro-enthusiasts have. The Euro has been a disaster for millions of people and the numbers in hardship will grow the longer this experiment continues. The better course is for the poorer Eurozone states to leave the Eurozone and for the European Union to ease back on its march to ‘ever closer union’. It also gives us in the UK ample opportunity to Get Britain Out of the EU and negotiate a free trade deal, a position we thought we had signed up to in the first place.

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