There is No Short-Term Fix for the EU

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It is always surreal to hear a true believer in the EU project to admit the UK needs to ‘regain control over our borders’. This is precisely what John Major said on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday, as he flouted his own warning not to “bang on about Europe”, though Tories have done nothing else since UKIP became a force in British politics.  

It goes to show how much has changed since the days when the political establishment would be united in consensus that Europe can do no wrong.

The battle is far from over. If former Conservative Prime Minister John Major is to be believed, our problems with Europe can be dealt with simply by bringing in “short-term” border controls until the Eurozone crisis blows over. Supposedly, the ranks of jobless from the wrecked economies of southern Europe will slow down once those countries start seeing growth. But when will that be? The end of Europe’s economic woes is nowhere in sight and is in fact exacerbated by Brussels. Meanwhile the leaders of Europe will not contemplate even a modest retreat from the four freedoms – of goods, services, capital and especially people.

This is despite the fact that none of the other three freedoms have been honoured by Europe. The free movement of goods is not an unqualified right, so why should free movement of people be also?  Well, because Angela Merkel and the majority of EU leaders consider curbs to free movement of people is forbidden territory. It’s not on the table.

Major should be credited for showing contrition and admitting the electorate’s concerns about EU migration must be acted on. What he doesn’t get is that migration is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a revolution swelling against Brussels and all it stands for: bureaucracy, red-tape, central planning and social engineering. A man cannot serve two masters, nor can Parliament serve the interests of the Great British Public while serving the Brussels agenda to create a federal superstate in Europe.

The EU is not compatible with democracy as we understand it. We are unable to pursue our own trading policy because the EU is a customs union, not a free trade area. Our elected leaders have little influence over Britain’s employment law, which used to be a field of passionate debate in Parliament in the 70s. Even now the EU is tirelessly annexing swathes of our criminal law. We are hurtling towards federalism while the political classes bury their heads in the sand, pretending it’s not happening.

It is typical of John Major to misunderstand the gravity of the situation and reduce people’s concerns about Europe merely to immigration. But there are no short-term fixes to national sovereignty being in tatters, a democratic system no one has faith in. The solution will not come with tortured negotiation and compromise, but with a clean break: to Get Britain Out.

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