Shock at 9% pay increase for Eurocrats

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Today’s news that the EU is set to give its own bureaucrats pay rises and tax cuts equivalent to a 9% increase in salary is further evidence that it is impossible to understand the decidedly peculiar minds at the top of the EU federalist nightmare.

If I were a senior official in an organisation consisting of nations in varying degrees of economic meltdown I would find the idea of giving myself or my staff more of other people’s money, to put it mildly, unwise, on both a political and a moral level.

It may however be a key to understanding how the Eurocrat mind works, as if one tries thinking like a Eurocrat, then the reasoning becomes clear.

“So what if member states are failing? It’s not like their failing so badly that they won’t be able to pay their EU membership.

People won’t like this you say? Again, I don’t see the problem, it’s not like they can vote me out, and as long as their governments do as their told they’ll never be able to.

How on earth could the money be better spent? It’s going towards the grand project, the holy cause of ever closer union. We need more Europe to solve the crisis and that means more money for us”.

Indeed, once the scales drop, and you realise just how much the beliefs and principles of those EU grandees committed to forcing their vision on us differ from most peoples, it becomes clear that to them this is no mistake, compromise or necessity, but rather the only logical step. They talk, you pay.

By Glenn Coleman-Cooke

Image: Flickr


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