Roger Helmer MEP: Celebrating St David’s Day

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UKIP Energy spokesman Roger Helmer’s latest newsletter Straight Talking, includes very interesting points about the impact on Wales of the UK leaving the EU. We have reproduced quotes below for the benefit of our supporters.

Celebrating Saint David’s Day

I have a little story which I think is amusing – even if it perhaps has a slight self-congratulatory flavour, for which I apologise in advance. I was invited on March 2nd to attend a Saint David’s Day celebration, organised by the Welsh Office, in the Bibliothèque Solvay in the Parc Léopold behind the Brussels parliament building. (Of course we know that March 1st, not March 2nd, is St. David’s Day – I guess they had trouble booking the venue on the 1st). This Library is a large and impressive building from an earlier era, and it was packed with folk happy enough to raise a glass to Wales. Yaki Da. Bear in mind that 95% of these people would have been on the Brussels pay-roll, or at least associated with the European project.

We were addressed by Jane Hutt AM, a Minister in the Welsh government and a Labour Assembly Member for the Vale of Glamorgan. Rather than focussing on the historical, cultural and national significance of Saint David’s Day, Ms. Hutt chose to give us a passionate and relentless tirade against Brexit, and in favour of EU membership.
She talked about all the money Wales receives from the EU, and I desperately wanted to shake her and say “It’s our money”, and “Every Pound we get back costs us three pounds”. But conscious of my obligations as a guest (and drinking Welsh beer), I politely held my peace.

But when she got to the line “There are 200,000 jobs in Wales which depend on our trade with the EU”, I could stand it no longer, and as she paused for breath I heckled “Which will continue!”. I’m prepared to say that every one of the hundreds of people there heard me with total clarity. And despite the fact that the audience was massively europhile, they laughed. Point made.

I appreciate that heckling is not always polite or constructive, but I think in this case that my three words were worth it.

Roger Helmer MEP, East Midlands

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