Robert Barnes: “Theresa May – The Oliver Twist of Brexit”

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Our regular Conservative blogger, Robert Barnes, gives his personal views and insights into Theresa May and her deal.

Theresa May – The Oliver Twist of Brexit

This week saw a further betrayal of the biggest democratic vote in our history.

At the very last minute, Prime Minister Theresa May postponed the ‘Meaningful Vote’ on her Withdrawal Agreement, despite six denials in as many days. This included denials from May herself and Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

The Government is now in a state of crisis – a crisis created in 10 Downing Street – when it was clear she would lose by a heavy margin.

Yet, she has only herself to blame.

By presenting her ‘Deal’ made in Brussels as the only option on the table, May has backed herself into a corner.

Surely she must have known it would be rejected by all sides once they had read the 585-page document in detail?

This non-Brexit ‘Deal’ was cooked up in Brussels, by Brussels, for Brussels.

May has betrayed Northern Ireland by annexing them from the Union via this backstop.

No wonder the DUP are furious!

Now, she has become the Oliver Twist of Brexit by going back to Brussels and shuttling around Europe to beg for more help to add to this thin gruel of a non-Brexit ‘Deal’.

You can just imagine the conversation: “Please M. Barnier, I want some more!”

Beadle Barnier will certainly says: “Non”!

This catastrophic mess could have been avoided had there been a Prime Minister who truly believed in Brexit and in Democracy.

May has never believed in Brexit and has been duplicitous in the way she has presented her ‘Deal’. She lost two Brexit Secretaries because of interference from her chief advisor and fellow Remainer, Civil Servant Olly Robbins and her Chief Aide, Remoaner Gavin Barwell.

Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister in living memory!

She has also lost several other ministers because of her gross incompetence.

It is extremely doubtful she will make significant progress to achieve any changes to the Deal. The result of the Vote of Confidence granted herself a stay of execution, nothing more.

When she finally decides to hold the Meaningful Vote, it will almost certainly be heavily defeated.

Theresa May has destroyed the confidence of her own MPs, grassroots members and the Leave voters in our country.

The sooner she is removed from office – either by her own design or by her own Party – the better it will be for our country.

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