The rise and rise of Euroscepticism

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Get Britain Out is continually trying to draw the public’s attention to the inherently flawed EU. The rise of Euroscepticism is clearly evident in the increasing coverage of the European Union in the media. This is surely a good thing, not least because the Great British Public are finally becoming aware of the day to day interference of the EU in their lives.

The rise of Euroscepticism is also indicated by the fact the Great British Public are fed up with the country being run by federalist ideologues.  No longer is the Eurosceptic position being falsely stereotyped as one associated with outright anti-immigration, isolationism, xenophobia, racism and nationalism.

Nigel Farage has also voiced the country’s concerns about immigration. He commented that “open door, mass immigration” had hurt the poorest in the UK and “You cannot have your own immigration policy and remain a member of the European Union.” Get Britain Out fully supports these sentiments. We will never be able to control our borders and regain national sovereignty so long as we stay in the EU.

Despite the improvements in unemployment rates, youth unemployment has hardly fared better, with 9 million young people still ‘economically inactive’. Reports have emerged that many young people are going BACK to university because of the dearth of available jobs. This means they don’t get included in unemployment figures, which means current statistics downplay the actual level of youth unemployment. The main political parties have shied away from connecting youth unemployment to major increases in the number of EU migrants, but Eurosceptics and UKIP continue to re-affirm this connection. 

People are simply fed up with the unfettered immigration we have in this country. David Cameron promised to reduce immigration to under 100,000 a year, yet in the last year we have seen 209,000 migrants come to the UK! These figures, according to the ONS, show that EU migration to Britain increased by 40%. Out of control immigration will continue as long as we remain in the EU. Under the current government, an exit from the EU is unlikely, especially in light of Cameron’s recent pandering to the likes of Angela Merkel.

Get Britain Out applauds the increasing rise of Euroscepticism in Britain. We consider it to be a healthy ingredient for political debate, especially in the run up to the European Parliament elections in May this year.

Alan Murad
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