Right, left, or common sense?

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Months ago, Ed Miliband declared that he does not want an in/out referendum on the table, his view seem to be that the people of Britain are unfit to decide for themselves what they want, and they need him to choose what is best for us. Delaying the referendum for after the next election is detrimental to the national interests, but prohibiting it all spells utter disaster. It is a mystery why Labour supports the federal project with such devotion.

His position seemed to cause tension within the party. Senior Labour MP’s like Miliband’s policy chief Jon Cruddas and former Europe minister Keith Vaz were not pleased with their leader’s words at the time. This issue transcends right and left. Nothing in the ideological tradition of the Left demands membership and servitude to the EU.

Miliband is a prime example of a politician who simply does not care for will of the people, and would rather dictate to us what we should want, and what is best for us. His notion is flawed. The people of Britain should have the final say on the nation’s destiny.

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