Results of the EU Bill.

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The House of Commons concluded the Second Reading of James Wharton’s Private Member’s Bill this afternoon. It has passed on to the next stage in the legislative process. The debate was lively and compelling and six Labour MP’s came out to support the Bill despite Ed Miliband’s call to abstain. This is a disappointing showing and confirms how out of touch Miliband is from the wishes of the Great British Public.

304 MP’s voted in favour in total. No MP, including from the opposition, wanted to be seen voting against the Bill. Indeed, to vote against it would amount to a betrayal of the public and an insult to democracy.

Ultimately, this will mark the point in which public outrage and discontent can turn into a serious warning to Brussels. A threat that our nation can reclaim its sovereignty and the Great British Public don’t need to put up with their nonsense. The Brussels fat cats should observe this historic moment – if they aren’t too busy claiming expenses for showing up in the European Parliament. Or even better, they should stay complacent and bury their head in the sand while their house collapses all around them.

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