Remember who wanted to join the Euro

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Yesterday the EU revealed its worst ever set of unemployment statistics, with near on 12% unemployment across the EU. The figures get worse when you look at the Eurozone states.

It therefore came as a bit of a surprise this morning to find business leaders encouraging the government to stay in the EU, a union riddled with unemployment and grim economic prospects.

Even worse, these are the same discredited ‘leaders’ who encouraged the UK to join the Euro.

The Great British Public are not stupid and will not fall for the spin from those whose judgement lacked so much that they wanted Britain tied to the Eurozone.

Were we in the Eurozone, we would be subject to EU financial governance. Our budgets would need to be signed off by the EU. We could have potentially been in the Greek situation, where our nation’s finances are managed by an unelected troika. The chilling thought of Prime Minister Peter Mandelson being foisted upon the UK is too horrible to even contemplate.

So bear in mind the history of those who say we should remain in the EU. Those that say we should have joined the Euro were motivated more by politics than economics. Their track records speaks for themselves. The reality on the streets of Athens, Portugal and Spain tell us why we should Get Britain Out of the EU.

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