Remainers Continue Abject Lies on Trade

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The Remain-hysteria over comments made by Airbus shows the unwillingness of these campaigners to approach the Brexit conversation with any measure of intelligent thought. They are far too willing to revert to their old methods of deception and abject lies to push their ignoble cause.

The noise, the screeching and the outlandish claims are all intended to drown out those who see Airbus’ claims for exactly what they are – an attempt to exert political pressure.

Airbus will not be leaving the UK after Brexit. This is a point they were at pains to stress in February when they praised Britain as a “competitive place to invest”, and a country they intended to stay in “long into the future”.

A myriad of reasons dictate this logic – with the most obvious being the highly-skilled and dynamic workforce they have access to in the UK. On top of this, just last year the company acknowledged that “UK businesses provide crucial inputs to Airbus’ operations”, with the company reliant on a “broad and diverse UK supply chain”. This is something which they would be hard-pushed to replicate elsewhere. Indeed, the suggestion it may relocate to China after Brexit would be a bizarre decision for a company allegedly desperate to stay inside the Single Market. We must also not forget that successive British Governments have propped up this company when it has fallen on hard times – pumping in millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to keep Airbus afloat!

Whilst Airbus has no intention of relocating elsewhere, they do, however, intend to create the impression that they might do so – hoping to send jitters up the spine of an already wobbly Prime Minister. Facilitated by the screeching of Remain groups – such as the laughably named ‘Best for Britain’ and the so-called ‘People’s Vote’ – Airbus seems to believe it can coerce Mrs May into softening her stance in the Brexit negotiations. This is a move which is unsurprising, given that Airbus has received €22 billion in financial assistance from the EU!

The prospect of a ‘May capitulation’ is made all the more likely when one realises the Cabinet is infested with meek Europhiles, such as the staunch Remoaner, Business Secretary Greg Clark – who appears all too happy to do the EU’s bidding for it. Why is he in this important ministerial role in Government, supposedly helping to negotiate a good business relationship between the UK and the EU? Clark has been actively encouraging companies to speak out against the Government’s stated policy in recent days. This is an outrageous breach of the Cabinet’s ‘collective responsibility’. This behaviour clearly undermines the Prime Minister’s negotiating hand with Brussels. However, such dissent does not appear to have ended with the behaviour of the Business Secretary. Long-term hard-line anti-Brexit Treasury advisers have continued to followed suit, pushing companies to come out against a ‘No Deal’ scenario. This, of course, raises the question of how much the Chancellor, Philip Hammond knows about all these endeavours!

Desperate to keep the pressure on, Remain campaigners have been only too willing to misrepresent the views of companies, and saturate the public sphere with untruths. Paying no regard to actual facts, comments made by BMW have been distorted and twisted by Remainers to suggest the company is considering leaving Britain. This, unsurprisingly, has no basis in reality, and has since been dismissed by BMW’s UK boss, Ian Robertson, who said the brand “are not considering that as an option”.  Despite this, yesterday saw a trail of slobbering Europhiles, from MPs to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and other Remoaner campaigners, coming out to cite this fiction as a reason to abandon Brexit.

Overshadowed by all the scaremongering lies, a much more reassuring picture is emerging, with car manufacturers such as Jaguar continuing to pump billions of pounds worth of investment into the UK – as is Boeing – the world’s largest aerospace company. Just yesterday it was announced British defence giant BAE had won a $35 billion contract from the Australian Government to construct 9 warships. Unsurprisingly, much of the mainstream TV and press media seem to be reluctant to advertise such good news, preferring instead to promote the deluded fantasies and paranoia of Remainers.

This does not even mention the huge number of leaders of major manufacturing companies who have backed Brexit to help turbocharge the industry – such as Anthony Bamford, Chairman of one of the world’s top 3 manufacturers of construction equipment – JCB – or the fact that 70% of manufacturers expect their business to grow in the next 3 years.

Rather than fighting the EU Referendum result, when the Great British Public voted to Get Britain Out of the EU, companies such as Airbus would be better advised to start planning for our departure, and preparing to take advantage of the exciting global opportunities which will present themselves.


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